Education is an integral part of our mission to proclaim Good News to all. For us, education is essentially a service and a means of liberation from ignorance and illiteracy. Our aim is the integral formation of the students towards developing their innate potentialities and helping them to grow in consciousness and self confidence. We also take keen interest to inculcate in them the sense of social rights and responsibilities. Education serves also as an effective tool for the development of the nation.


Library plays a vital role in the formation of the student. It is a window that opens the mind of the students to the world. Books are small gardens that can be kept in the pocket. Therefore, we highly encourage students to make the best use of library. Library and reading room shall be opened for children from 8.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m.


Our School has an efficient transport network comprising a fleet of modern, well maintained buses handled by efficient drivers and support staff.


‘Learning through practice’ is the motto of the present system of education. Language Lab is an attempt to improve the skill of handling English language through practice. We have a well furnished and computerized language lab to help the children pick up the right pronunciation, diction and usages.


Boarding facilities are available for girls only. It is managed by Adoration Sisters. Boarders should observe the rules laid down for them.


Visual Library easily connect people with content, so that information is made available at the press of key. This is for the growth and development of students is the need of the moment. We have systematically arranged a well furnished Visual Library with modern equips like internet, audio-visual projector etc.


Weak students are given special care and preference by our teachers. They are called for extra learning and individual concern on Saturdays and other holidays.

Our Campus Facilities