Several parents have had very positive things to say about St. Joseph’s Public School after having their children enrolled here. Some of their testimonials are shared below:

Our sons attended one and a half years at St. Joseph’s School. They got a very good education so they do not have any problems to join St. Joseph’s School where we moved afterwards. Besides the good teachers and study conditions, St. Joseph’s School has friendly, family-like atmosphere thanks to their staff and students. As our son explained “…I am so happy there and I enjoy every minute in the school…”

Jenny Dominic – Parent

My concept of providing a great environment and a quality education has been realised with schooling for my girls was realised with St. Joseph’s School. I am the Proud parent of two SJPS… I feel privileged to have made the right choice for my angels. St. Joseph’s School nurtures every bud entrusted to their care and helps them blossom into complete, responsive human beings. This steadfastness and an uncompromising focus on instilling the right values, ethics. It provides the right setting ensuring the right blend of academics and extra curricular activities, grooming them for every perspective of life. It is a home away from home for my children. They thrive in the gentle care and positive outlook of every staff member in the School, within its excellent infrastructure. Love you St. Joseph’s School for all that you are!!!

Rashma Nair – Parent

I think it is a big testimony to St. Joseph’s School that our son has joined a very good school in Kerala with no problem. Actually, in some areas such as maths and science he is advanced compared to his age group and the school here in Kerala. Thus, our sincere congratulations and thanks to St. Joseph’s School. Although our son is fully settled here he thinks and talks a lot about his friends and teachers at St. Joseph’s School. Thank you again for the great time that our son had at St. Joseph’s School.

Molley Thomson (UK) – Parent